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Taxi in Turkey from Antalya airport

The cost of a Taxi from the Airport in Antalya

Antalya Districts

travel time

from 1 to 6 pax from 7 to 9 pax QUICK ORDER
Taxi from the Airport to Kundu 30 minutes without trafick 



by car



by car






Taxi from the Airport to Lara
Taxi from the Airport to Liman
Taxi  from the Airport to Konyaalti

Taxi from the Airport to Kaleici (old town)  

Taxi from the Airport to Hurma
Other regions of Antalya














When you are looking for a transfer in Antalya, sure you would like to see comfort, a good price, clarity in work, and not start the vacation with excitement: will they meet me or not, and where I can find a taxi?

When choosing a transport company, first of all, pay attention to whether it is an Aggregator, simply offering the lowest price from private owners, or one company with its own cars and drivers. After all, no company, giving a transfer to the side, can guarantee you its 100% performance.

 And also, in the search for the lowest price, you may encounter the fact that, choosing between orders, an unscrupulous private driver will simply do not come for your order or can take a more profitable one, and then you will definitely have to overpay for a taxi at the airport.

Transfer from Antalya airport is the most popular service, because after visiting local resorts once, you understand all the advantages of a comfortable road to the hotel, so you just want to enjoy these magnificent views. Starting with a smile at Antalya airport, and ending with a wave of the hand at the hotel. Is an individual transfer worth it? Absolutely - YES, it is!