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Individual transfer tour Shopping in Antalya

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We invite you to go individually and comfortably to a transfer tour for Shopping in  Antalya! In the morning, at a time convenient for you, we will pick you up from the hotel, the driver will be happy to take you to the shopping malls you decided to visit along the route and after he will take you back to the hotel. 

‼ The car is not waiting there, but arrives to take you back on demand (just specify 1 hour before the desired time).

The price depends on the location of the hotel and the route.
The transfer tour for Shopping in  Antalya is going by a comfort-class car with an experienced driver and air conditioning car (minivan) - max 9 people.

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We can arrange a tour according to your wishes, usually the program includes a visit to:

The choice of shopping center is yours, you can visit one or 2 stores at once to make purchases.
Large shopping centers of Antalya:

  • 5M MIGROS    
  • MARK ANTALYA      
  • DEEPO and MALL of Antalya
  • IKEA.

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What is important to take with you on a trip? 

  • Passport or copy
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Water and snack
  • Money for personal expenses
  • Camera (chargers, power bank, ekstra memory card)

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