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Istanbul for 1 day

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Many people can say that it is impossible to see Istanbul in one day, but the trip "One day in Istanbul" will undoubtedly convince you otherwise. It will be the love at first sight!

What to see in Istanbul?
A well-organized excursion program in Istanbul will allow you to touch the most important places of Ottoman history and the formation of modern Turkey. Each place in the tour of Istanbul is historically significant, so for many there will be an opportunity to plunge into the times of the so-loved TV series "Magnificent Century", to see the main famous places and building of the city in a short time. And a boat trip along the sunset Bosphorus Strait will be remembered for a romantic and unique evening, which will end deliciously in a fish restaurant on the most famous bridge in Istanbul.

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Istanbul Tour Program:

✓ Departure from Antalya Airport  (early morning)
✓ Arrival at Istanbul or Sabiha Gokcen airport  
✓ Hippodrome and German Fountain 
✓ Blue Mosque or New Erdogan Mosque
✓ Lunch (included)
✓ Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace 
✓ Free time in the center of Istanbul
✓ Free time to buy souvenirs and sweets
✓ Bosphorus Tour 
✓ Dinner (included)
✓ Arrival at the airport
✓ Departure from Istanbul or Sabiha Gökçen airport
✓ Arrival at Antalya airport (late evening)

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What is important to take with you on a trip? 

  • Passport
  • Comfortable shoes
  • 0.5 l water, closed bottle for 1 person (no longer allowed on the plane)
  • Breakfast box 
  • Money for personal expenses, buying souvenirs in Istanbul
  • Camera (chargers, power bank, ekstra memory card)

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