Diving in Kemer

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Perhaps there is not much point in explaining to lovers of diving into the depths of the sea what is so good and wonderful about this excursion. Connoisseurs know it's a delight: to visit among the colorful representatives of marine fauna, both small and large (stingrays, turtles and others), to see and touch corals, to touch this mystery of the underwater kingdom, well, isn't it a dream!

So for those who have never tried diving in water with special equipment - we strongly advise. It's safe, don't worry! Mandatory instruction is conducted in advance by experienced instructors. Emotions will last for a long time, and moreover the most positive!

Children from 12 years and older are also invited to take a dive in diving excursions in Antalya. Younger children can be present on the ship, just enjoying a sea walk and the scenery of the Antalya coast.

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 Diving tour program in Antalya:

  •  Pick up from hotels
  •  Arrival at the port of Kemer, departure
  •  Stop of the ship for diving in the bay "Aquarium" in Kirish
  •  Instructions
  •  Diving (4-6 meters)
  •  Lunch (included)
  •  Presentation of certificates
  •  Arrival at the port of Kemer
  •  Return to hotels

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What is important to take with you on a trip? 

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sunglasses and cream
  • Headdress
  • Towel
  • Water, snacks
  • Money for personal expenses, buying souvenirs 
  • Camera (+ power bank)

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