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Antalya Sightseeing tour

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We wuold like to invite all guests of the Antalya coast to the Antalya Classics: a one-day sightseeing tour of Antalya. In this tour you have a chance to see with your own eyes and take pictures against the background of the most important tourist points of the city. 

To begin with, we will climb the local cable car: in 9 minutes of climbing in a special comfortable and safe cabin, you will enjoy views of this entire snow-white city, including the popular Konyalti beach. Here you can drink tea or coffee, breathe the fresh air at a bird's-eye height, and enjoy the moment.

Then we arrive at the ancient center of the city of Kaleichi, where the most famous attraction is located - Hadrian's Gate, dated to the II century AD, as well as centuries-old mosques and cute cozy streets imbued with the national flavor of the east... Try local ice cream or a glass of pomegranate juice here, it will make the Antalya tour even more colorful

An additional pleasure is a yacht trip around the Mediterranean. Oh, and the views open from here to the rocky shores, the residential area of the old town and the endless azure sea. And, of course, you will see both city waterfalls of Antalya: Upper and Lower Duden.

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Antalya Sightseeing tour program:

  • Pick-up from hotels
  • Arrival at the Tunektepe cable car
  • Funicular ascent (9 minutes)
  • Free time at the top of the mountain (618 m)
  • Descent (9 minutes)
  • Arrival at the Upper Duden waterfall
  • Walk along the waterfall
  • Arrival in Kaleichi
  • Hadrian 's Gate
  • Visit to Kaleichi (Old Town)
  • Kaleichi Port
  • Boat trip (additional payment)
  • Lunch (included)
  • Visit to the Nizhny Duden waterfall
  • Departure
  • Return to hotels

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What is important to take with you on a trip? 

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sunglasses and cream
  • Water
  • Money for personal expenses, buying souvenirs 
  • Camera (+ power bank)

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